I’m not local to San Francisco, how would we work together?

We do consults over the phone or video conference, and other correspondence is done over email or phone. Samples are sent via mail.


What is your production turnaround time?

Our production timeline varies for each client. Timelines are dependent on several factors, our production schedule, complexity of designs and the quantity of units. 

After the initial consult, we will provide a timeline for your project. On average, we can turn around most projects in 4-6 weeks.  Assuming pre-production needs have been met such as sourcing fabric, notions, creation of patterns and markers etc

Please see more details and steps around our general process to get started with production here


What are your MOQ’s (Minimum order quantities)?

We are proud to work with emerging designers and larger brands. We take on small and large production runs! Generally, we work with clients with a 200 MOQ, but are flexible and happy to explore other needs.


What does D.a.D Sewing House produce?

D.a.D Sewing House works with all types of fabrications from knits to wovens. We have the capacity to produce activewear, intimates, knitwear, formal wear, swimwear, uniforms, headwear, bags, soft interior goods and more. We do not manufacture shoes or heavy duty bags this time.

We also partner with corporations for office swag and interior decor needs. Have a custom project? We’d love to hear about it. Email us at Info@DaDsewingHouse.com


I only have a sketch, can we work together?

Absolutely! Whether you have a finished design, or an idea to explore, we have the tools, the team and resources to make it happen.


Do you source fabric and notions?

 Yes, we source both fabric and notions.


Can you provide a quote over email?

Yes and no. In some occasions we can provide an estimated quote, but to get an accurate, final quote, we need an in-house sample provided to us and in some cases we will need to sew a sample in house to calculate the construction time.


Do you deliver?

Delivery options are available to our months accounts and local corporate brands but in general we do not deliver at this time. Clients are responsible for pick up and will be arranged between D.a.D Sewing House and the client.


Have more questions?

The next step is a free 30 minute introduction consult. You can fill out a Free Consult Request Form or email us at Info@DaDsewingHouse.com