Styling Package # 1


- A stylist works with you to develop brand aesthetic/personal style

- $85-$100 per hour price range, varies on level of expertise needed

- minimum of 8hr sign up required

Styling Package #2


- A stylist and a styling assistant works with you to develop brand aesthetic/personal style

- Tailoring and custom consultations included

- $200 per hour, minimum of 4hr signup 

- if 10+ hrs is met, rate drops to $150 per hour

Personal Shopping 


- A stylist will add to your wardrobe based on budget needs, and personal style for any given season. 

- Limited to previous clients, or specific needs

Assistant Rate


- $85 per hour

- minimum of 8hr sign up 



An editorial stylist is a fashion industry professional who’s main objective is to bring to life the vision set forth by the client. Editorial styling is a team effort by the stylist, photographer, model, hair stylist and make up artist working together to meet and exceed the client’s expectations.

As an editorial stylist, I like to have open lines of communication with my clients. Together, we go over the concept of the shoot, what is the main message we want to convey and what tone we want to set for the entire team working on set. Before a shoot, I like to speak to everyone who will be on set from photographers, models, hair and make up artists to make sure we are all on the same page with the theme and create a rapport with one another so shoot day is fun and relaxed.

Day of the shoot there is a clear agenda in place with looks styled, numbered and ready to go. Time is money in a studio, so I work as efficiently as possible to have looks ready, models prepped and ready for the next shot.

Whether it be for advertising campaigns, portfolios, editorial spreads, look books or styling blog posts, I enjoy working with teams that create a comfortable work environment and bring positive energy to the set of a photo shoot. 

Clients we have worked with: (can we pull logos from the internet for these instead of listing?

Marie Claire, Vogue Italia, Michael Costello, Revolve, E!, Apple, Dropbox, Masterclass, Audi, Getaround  etc.

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One of San Francisco’s most respected stylists, Charlotte Welch, has spent the last eight years dressing and shaping the style of high profile business professionals, commercial clients, and fashion’s elite faces. She developed and evolved her keen eye for shape, style, and form during her years as student of fashion in both San Francisco and abroad in Italy. Her extensive travels to Europe have greatly influenced her particular bravura for styling. Years putting skill to practice in the global fashion industry has put Charlotte ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding personal style for Bay Area residents and companies.


Charlotte has transformed the aesthetic of not only individuals but of entire brands. Educating the client about the process so that they can incorporate the skills into their own lives is one of Charlotte’s goals. Style is personal and development is key to understanding what works for you or your brand. Whether it is helping a brand develop and style a concept for a campaign, or creating a look for a special event you are attending - Charlotte has unparalleled experience, understanding, and creativity.

The SF Stylist



Erika was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, where she's always immersed herself in creative job opportunities. Her first internship was at Jeffrey, haute couture boutique of ATL and NYC. Working with fashion hous ves such as 3.1 Phillip Lim and Jason Wu, Erika realized her passion for the fashion industry could lead her to a career she wanted to persue.  She then interned at ELLE magazine in New York City in the fashion closet, where she created story boards for creative director, Joe Zee, and assisted fashion editor, Kate Lanphere, in the 25 Years of Beauty for their October 2010 issue.


After graduating from The University of Georgia, Erika worked with an identity branding company where she helped businesses and individual clients develop, refresh and transform their image aesthetically. As the executive assistant to the CEO's she managed all interior design projects, and became the chief stylist for Americasmart fashion shows. 


For the past six years Erika has been working as a costume buyer and assistant designer in the film industry, where she has personally shopped for and styled actors such as Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Ben Affleck, and Samuel L Jackson.



Lindsay Mendez was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She moved up to San Francisco in 2015 to attend San Francisco State University. She is a senior in the Apparel Design and Merchandising program. Lindsay is getting first hand experience in the industry interning at D.a.D.’s manufacturing location, and working with the team above in styling. 



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